Live2Give is a lifestyle programme that has been designed to make your life more affordable and more entertaining. As a member you get exclusive access to a variety of benefits that you can use at a time that’s convenient to you. Live2Give costs only R119.95 per month. Now that’s REAL value!

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1. Live2Give is developed and administered by Igougo (Pty) Ltd trading as Crave.
2. There is a once-off activation fee of R50. Monthly Members: Your initial fee will be R169.95 which includes the activation fee and first month’s membership fee. All monthly debits thereafter are R119.95. Annual Members: Your fee will be R1489.40 which includes the activation fee and annual membership fee.
3. Members authorise Igougo to debit their account on the agreed-upon date. December debits will be processed early, the date of which will be advised via SMS. (This does not apply to Annual Members)
4. Members may not resign telephonically. To resign, kindly contact Live2Give in writing via email at You will receive a confirmation SMS in acknowledgment thereof. Should you not receive an SMS within 24 working hours, kindly contact Live2Give on 0861 2225 2328. Monthly Members: Membership fee debits continue on a monthly basis until 20 working days written notice of intent to resign is received by Live2Give. Annual Members: Your membership continues until your 12 months are completed. To resign, 20 working days written notice of intent to resign must be issued to Live2Give. In the event of resignation, a refund will be calculated of your remaining membership fees less any charitable contributions made in advance for the outstanding period. This refund will be made within 10 working days at the end of your notice period.
5. Live2Give reserves the right to terminate the membership should the member default on their monthly membership subscription fees. In the event of default, the member will forfeit their right to their Live2Give benefits until such time as the outstanding fees are settled. In the event of a membership subscription fee default, a double debit will automatically be set up. The amount that will be deducted on the next EFT date as stipulated will be double the monthly premium plus the administration charge. (The aforementioned does not apply to Annual Members) Upon termination, the member will forfeit their right to all Live2Give benefits.
6. Members may not re-join Live2Give for a period of 180 days subsequent to resignation. Acceptance of new applications will be at the discretion of Live2Give.
7. Benefits may be utilised by the main member only and membership is not transferable. Additional membership cards are not permitted.
8. Benefit partners reserve the right to change or withdraw benefits and discounts at any time. Members will have no claim against Live2Give in this event. Members will be notified via email and on the website 30 days prior to any benefit/discount changes. Alternative benefits may be developed and offered as a replacement. Membership fees may be adjusted accordingly.
9. Live2Give partners reserve the right to refuse benefits and discounts if there is any doubt about membership validity.
10. Live2Give reserves the right to suspend or terminate the member’s membership if any misconduct or fraudulent/excessive usage is suspected. Live2Give will not be liable for any refunds whatsoever in the case of any suspension or termination. See individual benefit terms for more details.
11. New partners may be added to the Live2Give programme in which event members will be advised via the website or email.
12. Membership fees may be adjusted annually. This adjustment is expected to be aligned to the consumer price index. A R100 annual fee (also subject to periodic adjustment) will also apply, on each annual anniversary of your membership.
13. Live2Give processes and terms & conditions may be amended from time-to-time.
14. Certain benefits may rely on the member’s cellphone number to be current and active. It is the responsibility of the member to advise Live2Give in writing of any changes to personal or banking details. Live2Give will not be held liable for any loss due to incorrect/outdated personal details.
15. Individual partner benefit terms & conditions apply.
16. Failure to enforce any processes or terms & conditions in any instance will not imply the future lack of enforcement thereof.
17. As per the Consumer Protection Act, you may cancel this contract within 5 working days of joining Live2Give. If we do not hear from you within this time, you will be bound by the terms & conditions of this contract.
18. The most current information will be available at