The following currently applies to the Dining Cashback benefit:

• Sit down is permitted; and

• Takeaway via collection or delivery (in-house, Mr D, Uber Eats, Order In etc) are permitted; and
The waiver of our 2 drink requirement for Cashback has ended as of 12 October. Kindly ensure you purchase a minimum of 2 meals and 2 paid-for drinks to continue to qualify for your cashback benefit.

Crave Dining Cashback offers members up to R120 cashback on their second most expensive meal at over 1500 selected Crave Dining Cashback restaurants countrywide (Max discount refunded – R120). With Crave Dining Cashback you can afford to eat out every day of the week!


  1. Visit
  2. Choose a Crave Dining Cashback restaurant (indicated by a  tag)
  3. Request an authorisation code prior to dining (Please see “Crave Dining Cashback/How to request an authorisation code” on the Crave site for more details)
  4. Visit the restaurant, order and pay for your 2 meals and 2 drinks at full price
  5. Complete a Dining Claim Form (Please see “Crave Dining Cashback/How to Claim” on the Crave site for more details)
  6. Claims are paid within 72 working hours from Crave


  • Your authorisation is not a booking.
  • If required, please make a booking directly with the restaurant.
  • Claims are processed by Crave and not the restaurant at which you dine.
  • Do not announce yourself as a member at the restaurant.
  • Claims will not be processed without an authorisation code requested prior to your restaurant visit or if the benefit terms and conditions are not adhered to.

Click here for full terms and conditions